Aftercare of Your New Voodoo Monkey Tattoo

Taking care of your new tattoo is serious – you don’t want to let your tattoo fade or heal badly! If the proper aftercare technique is not followed, your beautiful tattoo could turn into a disaster! Remember, your new tattoo is basically an open wound that’s very prone to infection. Proper care will minimize these risks – your artist is not responsible for any infection or issues you may have if you do not take appropriate care of your new tattoo. The following are our top aftercare tips to help your new tattoo heal well: The First Day Yay, your tattoo is done! Leave your bandage on overnight. (If a saniderm bandage has been applied, leave it on for three days.) The Second Day WASH – After you remove the bandage, you should start washing your tattoo twice a day to ensure it stays clean. Use witch hazel (an astringent found in your local pharmacy) on a paper towel to remove blood and/or plasma to clean the tattoo and surrounding skin. Allow it to completely air dry. MOISTURIZE – Then you’ll want to ensure it stays moisturized! After it’s dry, follow with a very light, very thin application of your choice of Palmers coco butter or Redemption – our recommended lotions. Remember: THIN amounts. Don’t lather. Do this routine of washing and moisturizing 3-5 times daily for two weeks or anytime the tattoo is dry, tight, or itchy. DO NOT ITCH! – After a few days, you will notice some peeling and possibly a little scabbing. Don’t itch or scratch it! Even if your tattoo gets flaky or scabs... read more

Our Favorite Tattoos Based on Childhood Memories

Childhood characters and toys influence us throughout our lives, no matter how old we are. A favorite movie, character, or animal sticks with us into adulthood and brings comfort even though others may say we outgrew it a long time ago. Retro cartoons are fantastic ways to be an adult without growing up. You’ll never outgrow that feeling of nostalgia for your favorite icons from your childhood, especially if it means a lot to you. Check out some of our previous work with clients on their favorite childhood memory tattoos. All tattoos featured here were done in-house at Voodoo Monkey Tattoo!   Who doesn’t love Buzz Lightyear? Sometimes we just need a friendly reminder to go to infinity and beyond!   This girl loved elephants and wanted a friendly little stuffed animal style elephant on her ankle. A lucky little friend!   Cartoonized Joker, Harley, and Batman! A classic tattoo done in a new way!   Many of us grew up watching racing champ Valentino Rossi! His signature style is bold colors and humorous designs. This client was looking to mimic that feel with the signature colors and turtle from his helmet!   Contact us to schedule your consultation or call the shop to make an appointment with one of our artists, we are happy to draw you a mockup of your favorite... read more

Voodoo is in Ohio

So Voodoo Charlie is headed to Ohio to tattoo for the weekend. He will be back on wednesday 930am for a great day of tattooing SOOOOOOO what is really the thing with when you are trying to be somewhere that traffic is always slow!! MOVE I GOT SOME PLACE TO... read more

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