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When I first walked into Voodoo Monkey Tattoo I was instantly at ease. Voodoo Charlie is very personable and professional. He makes people feel comfortable and thoroughly explains things. He has done all of my tattoos and I couldn’t be happier with them. The quality of the artwork is amazing and I have had many compliments on them. The tattoo shop atmosphere is fantastic, the artists in the shop and the people who go there are great. They will work with you on what you want and make it look awesome. I highly recommend stopping in to this shop and working with the artists there.

Pam Gillette

Best tattoo shop in rochester. Tommy Trimm worked with me very patiently and the tattoo worked out better than i thought. No other place can compete with them.

Eddy Phothirath

I am beyond happy with my experience at Voodoo Monkey. When looking for a place to get some new ink in Rochester, I had a certain list of criteria that needed to be met before I would settle on a tattoo shop: One, I wanted to feel comfortable with the artist that would be tattooing me. Not only as a person I would be spending 3-5 hours with at a time, but as a competent artist that I could trust to put something amazing on my skin that will last forever. Second, I wanted my tattoo(s) to be unique, bold, and special. Third, I wanted the price to be fair. The artist that works with me is Voodoo, and he delivered on all points. He’s an awesome guy, and a REALLY GREAT artist, I have a beautiful piece of art on my body that i’m proud and excited to show off, and I can’t wait to go back for more! The atmosphere is inviting, the tattoo shop is clean, and the artists are professional and instantly make you feel comfortable and that you are in good hands. Most importantly, the work that they do is fantastic.Bottom line, if you’re on the fence about where to get ink in Rochester, go to Voodoo Monkey. You will not be disappointed.

Amanda Byrd

Wow! OMG! Whatever positive expletive you want to insert here. I wishi could give 10 stars!!!!! Voodoo Monkey and I were vending at the same event this past weekend. I checked out their website and face book, and read lots of reviews prior to comming to Rochester. Based on artwork alone, i knew i had to get a tattoo from Voodoo Charlie. After doing my research I emailed the tattoo shop, to check and make sure he would be tattooing at the event. Low and behold he answered my email himself and we launched into the “what kind of ink do you want” email banter. He assured me that what I wanted, he could do. Once I actually met him (and his crew) I was 10000000% sure I wanted a tattoo from him. He and his crew are just about some of the nicest, most awesome, people I’ve met! We laughed A LOT! During the tattooing itself, Voodoo was gentle and caring, always checking to see uf I was alright. And the tattoo? PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!! it is exactly what ive wanted for years! I am sooooooo verra happy with the way it turned out! I guess now when I want another tattoo, I’ll be making the drive to Rochester because I dont want a tattoo from anyone else (well maybe Ferg :p)

Kraklin Rose

Four years ago I decided to get a tattoo but knew it had to be symbolic to me. I met Voodoo Charlie and he helped illustrate what I wanted my first tattoo to convey. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I wanted a strong statement to myself to have the courage to continue the fight against the disease that was taking over my body. He did an amazing job!! Three butterflies with script (Hope Faith Cure) around it! Three years later I decided I wanted another tattoo but only if I could find Voodoo Monkey! I searched shop websites and tried to remember his name and I was lucky enough to come across VooDoo Monkey Tattoo and the one and only Voodoo Charlie once again!! I love my shoulder tattoo of Van Gogh Starry Night with a twist of birds intertwined illustrated by Tori! I’ll definitely be going back to Voodoo Monkey Tattoo for my next tattoo!

Sarah Klingenberger

I’ve been to a few different shops over the years and Voodoo Monkey is hands down the best in the city. Great artists, very clean and inviting tattoo shop, and the prices are always affordable. VoodooCharlie has done my rib piece which looks amazing. The things I have seen this man do with colors will blow your mind! Tommy has done 2 small pieces on me so far, both of which I love. I even brought my mother down to get a tattoo for her 50th b-day. She was very happy with it and was all smiles the entire time. If your looking for a great tattoo shop to get your next ink, ¬†there is no other choice other then Voodoo Monkey!!

DJ Smith


Voodoo did a fantastic job with my first tattoo! I had been looking for the right tattoo shop for me for about a year, and went to many in the Rochester and Buffalo area that just didn’t feel right. Either the artists didn’t have the right attitude, or the shop wasn’t clean. The second I walked in the door at Voodoo Monkey I was greeted cheerfully, given all the information I wanted, and had all my novice questions answered with a smile! I immediately noticed everything was clean, organized, and had a very relaxing atmosphere.
Voodoo did a great job explaining to me how the process was going to work, what it was really going to feel like, and teaching me about everything he was doing. While he was giving the tattoo, he would clean everything in the work area frequently. Once it was done, he made sure to tell me all about aftercare and made sure I understood what to do.
All in all, 100% satisfied. I will definitely be going back and I would recommend them to anyone!

Aj Interrante


I’ve been to Voodoo Monkey twice now and both times I got awesome tattoos and had a great experience. The shop is clean, and the artists are professional and really talented. At my most recent visit I got a tattoo in memory of my grandpa, and Geoff was extremely respectful of that, and gave me the most perfect tattoo to represent my grandpa. I won’t ever go anywhere else for a tattoo.


Kristen O